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People often forget how much energy is consumed by unnecessary codes embedding in the website and don’t realise how much energy can be saved from a new website design, “1234Design” is the best example of good UI and green concept for the world.

The world of design and innovation is one of the fastest changing professions. Clients and customers make new demands crossing all the previous frontiers of design. DNgroup is a multi-discipline design house that covers that wide range of creativity. In the past, the disciplines of industrial design, urban design, audio design and media design had all been represented through 4 different platforms. The new website allows visitors to our website to find exactly what they are seeking in a straightforward way.

The new name, “1234Design” matches our 4 business’s multiple skills yet each design centre retains its own individual identity.

By concentrating on actual customer needs, the new UI is much better for customers to find the information for making the best decisions. In essence we have also driven 4 brands’ online traffic onto one site platform and that is a significant help in our company’s ranking on search engines.

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