The innovation that runs through GDA is not only that the awards themselves but also in the way that their publication is linked into your marketing and PR. 

By creating 9 separate awards throughout the year, a single product, project or service can be publicised to different target audiences at different times. For instance a Robotics Awards would have the attention of that particular public audience, whereas the user interface on the product would appeal to a different group

The application fees are:

1 x GDA Category - 100 EUR
2 x GDA Categories - 150 EUR
3 x GDA Categories - 200 EUR

Discount for students - 20% (with your student registration no.)
Discount for start-ups - 20% (under 3 years and with registration no.)

* You can select more than one category for your single product or project. The maximum number of categories for a product or project to apply for is three.

ESG GDA Category - 250 EUR (because verification is time-consuming)