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GDA 2022 Winners Survey

Dear Winners,

Congratulations once again on winning the prestigious 2022 GDA Award!
We are thrilled to recognize your outstanding achievements, your dedication and hard work have paid off, and you have truly set the bar high for excellence in your field.

As part of our celebration, we would like to invite you to participate in a survey about your experience with the awards. Your feedback is valuable to us, and we would appreciate your honest and thoughtful responses.

The survey will cover topics such as your satisfaction with the awards, your interest in purchasing a yearly book, and your plans to apply for the awards in 2023.

In addition, we would like to offer you the opportunity to share your thoughts and insights on the awards program. We believe that your input can help us improve and enhance the awards in the future.

Please submit this questionnaire before the end of March 2023, thank you for your assistance.

Share your experience with us
What made you decide to apply the GDA Awards? You can mark several.
Hav you shared news of your GDA Award to support your media coverage and marketing?
Which of following channels have you used to share the news of your GDA Award? You can mark several.
How did winning the GDA Award impact your career or business?
Very dissatisfiedA bit dissatisfiedPretty satisfiedSatisfiedVery satisfied
Would you recommend the GDA Awards to your colleagues or peers?
Strongly DisagreeDisagreeNeutralAgreeStrongly Agree
Are you willing to pay for buying a yearly book (107€+shipping)?
If we hold a seminar in Europe, would you like to attend?
Have you planned to apply for the GDA awards in 2023?
What other types of recognition or support would be helpful to you as an industry professional?
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