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The Global Direction Awards (GDA) have come a long way since their inception in 2018, originating from lively discussions within the Danish design organization, Designsalon. It was during these conversations that the concept of recognizing and celebrating excellence in design in a new way was born.

In the early stages, the awards were mainly awards for design disciplines, focusing primarily on acknowledging outstanding achievements in Danish design across various categories. The aim was to showcase the innovative and creative work emerging from the Danish design industry and to foster a sense of pride within the local design community.

As the years passed quickly, the GDA Awards gained recognition and garnered attention beyond the borders of Denmark. Design enthusiasts, new thinkers and creative professionals from around the world expressed interest in participating and contributing to the awards. This led to an important realization: the awards had the potential to become a global platform for acknowledging and honouring exceptional innovative talent from various corners of the world.



In 2023, in response to this growing international interest, the GDA Awards underwent a significant revamp. One of the primary changes was the adjustment of the name to the Global Direction Awards, reflecting the broader scope and reach of the accolades. This new name captured the essence of the awards' mission to celebrate creative excellence and highlight the innovative directions shaping the global landscape.

Moreover, the GDA Awards introduced updated and refreshed categories to better align with the evolving trends and practices in the design industry. These categories were carefully crafted to encompass a wide range of design disciplines, including biodiversity, ESG, sustainability as well as, innovative product design, design for care, and more. The intention is to provide a comprehensive platform that recognized excellence and breakthroughs in every aspect of new thinking and design, transcending geographical boundaries.

In an innovative approach to organizing the awards, the GDA Awards adopted a unique format. Instead of having a single submission date for all categories, the awards were spread out throughout the year. This approach allowed participants and designers to focus on specific categories at different times, providing them with ample opportunities to showcase their work and compete in their respective fields. This flexible structure created a more inclusive and accessible platform for global designers, accommodating their varying project timelines and allowing for a more comprehensive evaluation process.

In a significant development, the GDA Awards expanded their presence and operations, establishing bases in both Denmark and Taiwan. This expansion allowed the awards to serve the creative development and design communities not only in Europe but also in Southeast Asia. By having a presence in Taiwan, a region known for its thriving design industry and innovative approaches, the GDA Awards demonstrated their commitment to nurturing and promoting design excellence on a global scale.

The revamped GDA Awards received overwhelming support and participation from design professionals, organizations, and enthusiasts worldwide. The redesigned categories bring forth a diverse array of remarkable projects and designs, each contributing to the rich tapestry of global design innovation.

The Global Direction Awards continue to evolve and grow, constantly adapting to the dynamic nature of the world which is troubled by pandemic, climate challenges and war. By recognizing outstanding achievements and pushing the boundaries of creative thinking, the GDA Awards serve as a catalyst for inspiring creativity, fostering collaboration, and celebrating the incredible talent that shapes our global design community.

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