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For international juries' judgement, the application materials should be written in English, please.

Please fill in all the required fields. Items marked with an
* are mandatory, thank you.
Select the categories (Max 4)

You may apply in more than one category for your single product or project. The maximum number of categories for a product or project to apply for is four.

Upload image - Main: The main image.

Upload image - 2: The picture describes its usage, etc.

Upload image - 3: The image depicts the design's focal point, etc.

The definition should be at least 180 dpi and RGB, at least 190 mm or larger, either square or rectangular.

The file formats should be jpeg or png. If an entry is awarded, you can change the image before publishing.

Upload Image - Main
Upload Image - 2
Upload Image - 3

To take advantage of the discount, simply enter your student number + school name, OR company number + company name, OR a GDA approved assocation discount code here.

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