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The categories of the the GDA AWARDs are arranged in a way that radiates the ideas of and values of our modern society. We want to give breadth as well as depth to the awards so that they are of real value.

The exciting aspect of the GDA concept is that there is not simply one award with different sub-sections. There are 7 separate awards spread throughout the year. In 2023 there are new award categories.

The timetable of the awards is worth paying attention to. There are 7 different awards and they have 7 different deadlines. This is because there will be 7 different marketing events to mark each award - thus bringing your products and applications more coverage in social media and the press.

For you, the applicant, it is worth reading through the various categories because there will often be an overlap. A new green product, might well qualify in the INNOVATIVE PRODUCT AWARD, and also the GREEN SUSTAINABILITY AWARD. You should decide where your main strength lies. Of course, you may apply in more than one category, although there is an extra registration fee involved of course.

See below for the timetable. See also the application menu for more detailed information on each category as well as the Q&A section.


the timetable for coming awards

Application Deadline

20 February 2024
20 March 2024
20 April 2024
20 May 2024
20 August 2023
20 September 2023
20 October 2023

Winners Announcement

30 April 2024
30 May 2024
30 June 2024
30 July 2024
30 October 2023
30 November 2023
30 December 2023

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