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The GDA HERITAGE AWARD can be awarded to products that have gracefully endured on the market for at least a generation. These time-tested designs are more than just items; they're icons of sustainability.

By lasting through the ages, they reduce waste and resource consumption. They seamlessly blend tradition with innovation, offering reliability and modern relevance. Beyond their practicality, these designs stir nostalgia, connecting generations and celebrating the enduring human spirit.

In a disposable culture, the HERITAGE AWARD reminds us of the value of enduring quality and thoughtful design, an investment in a sustainable and lasting future.

So we invite applications from anyone who has created a product or a graphic or a system that is still in use today after about 25 years of being on the market. It can be a lamp, or a device or something for the kitchen or almost any item that demonstrates to us that timeless design can pay. 

See also the application menu for more detailed information as well as the Q&A section.

The deadline for the HERITAGE AWARD is the 20th of September 2024 at 20.00 UTC - Coordinated Universal Time

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