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Person leaning on gymnastic ball

As its title suggests, the DESIGN FOR CARE AWARD rewards those products and services that bring support and solace to those members of our society who need aid in some way. That can be physical products or processes or even ways of organising communication. It can also cover many age groups and situations. We all need some help along the way and some times in our lives from early age and onwards.

Care in society also carries with it a paradox. To provide care on a wide scale we often erect large organisations or institutions. These frequently become distant from the actual intended people they were supposed to help. So some of the design in care comes from giving our weaker citizens the means to support themselves as far as possible. Giving people the dignity of being independent is also a way of caring.

Are there products or services that do that? Send in an application. 

See also the application menu for more detailed information as well as the Q&A section.

The deadline for the DESIGN FOR CARE AWARD is the 20th of April 2024 at 20.00 UTC - Coordinated Universal Time

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