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Right from its inception, the Global Direction Awards have been designed to be a stream-lined platform where there is an inherent simplicity in being able to participate in the award scheme. 

Our crusade is really to show design at its best and to give true recognition to creatively thinking people - wherever they might be on the planet. As a global community we face increasing challenges, not only in the major problems like climate and disease, but also in the lifestyles of many societies. 

Professionals in design have always been forward thinkers and many of our ill can be righted by the use to good design. Our aim is therefore to make it simple for you to gain due recognition. Our part in this is keeping the application process simple.

To do that we have removed most of the irrelevant complexity and we assume that your application will be digital. Help us keep things straightforward. If you have any queries, check out the Q&A menu before contacting us directly.

How to Apply


​Online Submission and Work Delivery

2 months after the deadline

Evaluation and Winner Selection

2 weeks after


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