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The innovation that runs through GDA is not only that the awards themselves but also in the way that their publication is linked into your marketing and PR. 

By creating 12 separate awards throughout the year, a single product, project or service can be publicised to different target audiences at different times. For instance a Design Thinking Award would have the attention of that particular public audience, whereas the Innovative Product Award on the product would appeal to a different group

The application fees are:

1 x GDA Category - 150 EUR
2 x GDA Categories - 250 EUR
3 x GDA Categories - 350 EUR
4 x GDA Categories - 425 EUR

Discount for students - up to 35% (with your student registration no.)
Discount for start-ups - up to 35% (under 3 years and with company registration no.)
Discount for members of GDA approved associations
** - up to 35% (with the discount code from your organisation)

* You can select more than one category for your single product or project. The maximum number of categories for a product or project to apply for is four.

GDA approved associations are professional organisations, such as scientific or research associations, professional design associations etc. GDA will have been in direct contact with these associations and each has a specific code which enables their members to achieve a discount.

If you are an association as described above and wish to give your members the ability to get a discount then please use the GDA contact form or email to

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