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As a young person, you have the opportunity to learn and grow continuously. Staying up to date with the latest trends and techniques, and being open to learning from others, both older and younger than you gives you special advantages.

The GDA YOUNG VISION Award wants you to be visionary, and to be willing to take risks and thinking differently. This means trying new things, experimenting with different styles and approaches. It means stepping outside your comfort zone and also stepping outside everyone else's comfort zone.

Collaborating with others or people from different fields can help you see things from a different perspective and spark new ideas. Getting recognition from this GDA YOUNG VISION Award helps you to achieve that. Winning the award brings you into contact with a wide circle of people and contacts who can assist you and encourage your career.

A young person is someone under the age of 55 years by the date of application. We expect you to be in education or employment or freelance.

See also the application menu for more detailed information as well as the Q&A section.

The deadline for the YOUNG VISION AWARD is the 20th of June 2024 at 20.00 UTC - Coordinated Universal Time

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