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Handguard Sweetheart

- Intravenous Injection Adjunctive Handguards for Children with Cancer






Ya-Ting Yang / Yi-Hsin Elsa Hsu / Li-Chiao Chu / Kung-Pei Tang / Hsin-Lan Chu / Shu-Tai Shen Hsiao / Ya-Chi Yang

Designers / Creators / Authors

Ya-Ting Yang / Yi-Hsin Elsa Hsu / Li-Chiao Chu / Kung-Pei Tang / Hsin-Lan Chu / Shu-Tai Shen Hsiao / Ya-Chi Yang

Handguards for cancer children reduce number of them being entangled with tapes during intravenous injection. When tapes are removed, skin will appear red, swollen, painful, and allergic to let them uncomfortable and crying. Through human factor design of three sizes S/M/L to meet ergonomic use of children aged 0-18, multi-segment wristband design helps them effectively lock the wrist and four knuckles, so that they're not easy to fall off during movement of the wrist and fingers, convenient for daily life. It also helps nurses to clearly observe the speed and flow of infusion in the pipeline, and scan the QRcode to view pictures, texts, videos, and improve the dissemination of health education information.

The silicone skin-friendly material is reusable, easy to disinfect and sterilize, to wipe with wet tissue, alcohol cleaning and ultraviolet light sterilization, etc., the design structure is integrated, easy to clean and sterilize, and helps reduce medical waste and contribute to environmental sustainability. Honeycomb design of the acrylic sheet reduces the load on the hands of children after wearing them and facilitates hand movement. Clinical validation and patent pending.

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