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Tetra Pak Processing A/S & DNgroup



Designers / Creators / Authors

Niels Fogh Nielsen, Ole Bendixen, Frederick Rickmann

Every machine which handles food products needs to be engineered to the highest possible hygienic standards. This covers a complexity of demands and in construction, choice of materials, methods of cleaning, protection of the operators, access of maintenance and many other factors.

The Tetra Pak Multilane Wrapper is a machine, which is constructed to wrapper ice cream and foodstuff products on continuous automatic multilane production line. The new generation of Multilane Wrapper brought together a team of specialists to innovate and bring a new level of invention to the project.


Design thinking methods of dealing with complexity were used to probe new ways and explore probable solutions in parallel with the work in CAD and the tight deadline.

Tetra Pak Multilane Wrapper
– New Generation

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