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Start at the Finish - I Gang Med Den Rigtige Overgang




Wandou Ya and 70Media



Names of the project's team leaders

Wandou Ya


The physical environmental impact of the book is very similar to other publications of this type. The paper and binding are all environmentally correct but this aspect of the book is not of great significance.

A major factor in this award is however that the book, authored by the artist Wandou Ya, can be considered as an art installation/event. In the book, the artist herself is expressing a body language which alternates between supplementing the text message and contradicting the written word. In this way the reader/observer is invited to find their own interpretation.


The main impact of the artwork/book is in the social aspect of giving expression to an advanced view of gender equality. Wandou Ya rails again conventional thinking. This also embraces the conventions of the #MeToo community and what she calls the protective hegemony of the digital media. Wandou Ya seeks to bring more femininity into feminism. One notable point is that the domain of LGBTIA+ is barely touched upon as such. The focus in Wandou Ya’s authorship seems not to be one of gender or cross-gender nomenclature but one of individual recognition and expression.

Corporate Governance

The artist boldness of Wandou Ya in creating this work has to be shared also with the publisher 70Media. In her home country of Taiwan, the book would be greatly censored by the authorities in the some of the illustrations are revealing. Recognition must therefore also go to the Danish publisher for exercising the freedoms of speech and utterance that are at the foundation of Danish and European democracy.

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