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Win Time Technology Corp.



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Win Time Technology Corp.

The Win Time product is the first full-cycle plant-based fire extinguishing agent. The agent is a foam-based organic mix which is extracted from a variety of natural plants. This product really is a significant step forward in environmental standards. The agent is non-toxic and free from the dangerous PFOS chemicals that have plagued the firefighting industry.

It effectively reduces carbon emissions by replacing industrial chemical raw materials with neutral plant-based alternatives. Most importantly, it extinguishes fire more effectively. It has passed all the necessary tests for products of this type. The agent can be decomposed by itself without creating environmental pollution.

Win Time’s slogan is “take from nature, return to nature”, and the extinguisher foam emphasises this concept. This revolutionary development is:

  • Plant-based and eco-friendly.

  • Saving energy and reducing carbon emissions.

  • Fertilizer application and circular economy.

  • Easy to degrade and easy to recycle.


After using or expiration, the agent can also be used as cleaning agent or diluted as fertilizer, returning to nature.

Win Time Green Eco-friendly Firefighting

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