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Asia Pacific Fuel Cell Technology - APFCT




APFCT Hydrogen Scooter

Designers / Creators / Authors / Leaders

DNgroup, Denmark

Asia Pacific Fuel Cell Technology - APFCT

The APFCT Hydrogen Scooter is an ultra-quiet, fast, non-polluting urban vehicle that doesn't take forever to recharge. No large heavy batteries needed so the vehicle is relatively light in weight. This is a legacy project that has been at the forefront of this technology since it was first introduced. At the time, in 2010 the market wasn't right. It is now.

The APFCT hydrogen-electric scooter was developed through prototypes into the production stage by our team of designers in Denmark and APFCT technologists In Taiwan. The scooter runs on an electric motor powered by 2 low-pressure hydrogen fuel cells. These power cells were easy to change. It takes a minute or so to tank up the scooter to full power.

Hydrogen technology is beginning to be explored again for trains, trucks, and buses. At last - in 2021. It is a thrill to enjoy buzzing around the streets with a frightening amount of silent acceleration.

Asia Pacific Fuel Cell Technology - APFCT
Asia Pacific Fuel Cell Technology - APFCT
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