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CLOU by Reload World




Hussain Adel

Designers / Creators / Authors / Leaders

Frederick Rickmann and Hussain Adel

CLOU by Reload World

CLOU is the smart charger that increases the lifetime of your phone battery and really supports global sustainability and environment. CLOU's green charging system is a brand-new technology that extends the life of your smart phone battery and recharges it at the right time.

The CLOU smart charger helps you keep your phone charged between 20% - 80%, making it last a lot longer. Whenever a battery is at a too low level or is recharging over 80% the ion degrading is rapid. CLOU solves that.

CLOU is made of sustainable materials sourced in Denmark. It contains original components, and the world's smallest and most powerful battery from Panasonic.

The development, design and engineering are all done in Denmark. The electronics and software developed by Danish engineers. The materials are all sourced locally and are of the finest quality. The manufacturing is done both by robots and by hand by skilled craftsmen, all in Denmark.

CLOU by Reload World
CLOU by Reload World
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