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Eco-friendly Firefighting




Win Time Technology Corp.

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Wilson Hsu

Eco-friendly Firefighting

The fire-fighting industry has long been plagued environmentally by the chemical composition of the extinguishing agents. These have included PFOS substances which are known to be extremely toxic and probably carcinogenic. The issue with PFOS’s is that they remain unchanged in the environment and food chain. Win Time Technology is therefore one of the leading companies in developing organic plant-based alternatives. The Win Time Tech fire extinguishing agents are produced from extracts and refined natural substances from plants. As such they can be effectively recycled and reused.

Since 2001, Win Time has been committed to the development of these eco-friendly plant-based fire extinguishing agents. At present, the Wine Time fire extinguishing agent technology is leading the world.

The social impact of Win Time’s development is two-fold. Firstly, the actual product is proving to be an even better extinguishing agent than the older toxic agents that it replaces. Fire suppression times are much lower than the older toxic types of extinguisher.

Secondly, Win Time vision is tackling the toxicity problems faced by firefighting all over the world. The Win Time concept embraces the responsibilities for fighting the actual fire and then of being a responsible good protector of the environment after the products has been used. In other words, the aftermath of the fire is also environmentally sound. Participating in the local fire brigade’s educational demos to schools and communities is a natural extension of the carer vision.

Corporate Governance:
Win Time is a family company, but we have several independent consultants to make sure we are doing the right things. Win Time, insisting on the approach of green sustainability, energy saving, carbon reduction, and circular economy, provides an eco-based solution to the fire industry in order to protect the environment and human life through plant-based fire extinguishing agents.

We care about our business partners and employees as much as we care about the environment. This is demonstrated in our extensive programme of employee training and personal development.

In manufacture, Win Time sources plant-based fire extinguishing agents from farms that are properly managed, and where the farmers are all paid well. The plants are edible by humans and have high standards of chemical control.

Eco-friendly Firefighting
Eco-friendly Firefighting
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