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The Pet Diamond Program




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Yu Hsin, Lin

The Pet Diamond Program

The product material makes the recycling process be easily sorted, hoping to contribute a little environmental protection.At the printing level, we don't use any viscose that means a piece of paper can be formed. In order to emphasize environmental protection, the product is made in a reduced way. We hope that such a plain design, ordinary but not simple considerations can make this product beautiful inside and out.

Running through the entire program is a fresh-keeping relay created by our CEO. It is to "buy" high-quality meat that is still "within the shelf life" of the supermarket, which is very different from the general leftover re-cuisine. So,In the environmental part, the program is expected to reduce 600 metric tons of meat waste in supermarkets.

The value can be seen as two parts.One is value of the product to the consumer, another is the good value generated by consumption.

In the product itself,our product is healthy,delicious and safe because of the certification of the nutrition table and salmonella(negative) test by JTTEC.

In the society layer, we emphasize consumer participation , when they buy our products, we will donate 3/4 of the profits to animal insurance institutions and promote primary and secondary school life education.It isn't just a buying and selling transaction, but also a good practice of social value behind the intention.Furthermore, together with Xiaodou Miao, we have set up a sheltered workshop for food processing to provide disadvantaged job opportunities.

Corporate Governance:
The core of Global ESG are intelligent matching, transparent accountability and digital certification. Through technology certification, people in need can be matched with services, and people can track public welfare achievements at any time through online platforms. We launched different programs for more than ten years based on the principle "solving social problems with the power of technology, and practicing social innovation with the power of grassroots".

We pursue social investment as a sustainable model.Our services are based on the needs of society, because the needs of the leftover food, environmental and animal protection won't disappear. So, through the fresh-keeping relay with supermarket and customer good consumption, we could practice social ideals and responsibility.

The Pet Diamond Program
The Pet Diamond Program
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