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RESET-GO Self-Braking Smart Shopping Trolley




Hsieh Jui Yin, Chiu Yi Jhen, Hsieh To

Designers / Creators / Authors / Leaders

Hsieh Jui Yin, Chiu Yi Jhen, Hsieh To; National Taipei University of Business, Taiwan

RESET-GO Self-Braking Smart Shopping Trolley

"RESET-GO Self-Braking Smart Shopping Trolley, we will reset a new shopping experience for consumers."

We have redesigned the supermarket shopping experience to improve efficiency and incorporate intelligent features. Through human-centered design, intelligent shopping systems, technological applications, and sustainable development practices, we are committed to creating a fast, intelligent, and environmentally-friendly supermarket shopping experience.

Through this design, we are committed to leading the future of supermarket shopping, using a complete systematic design to enhance user experience, making users feel more at ease during the shopping process, and providing consumers with a smarter and more convenient shopping experience.

Key Features:
1. Upgrading of Human-Centered Design: Rethinking dimensions of shopping trolleys to enhance the comfort and usability of our trolley.
2. Intelligent Shopping Experience: To meet customer demands, we offer personalized recommendations, quick checkout, and thorough product details.
3. Application of Technological Advancements: Integrating sensors and smart controls for a safer and more efficient shopping experience.
4. Sustainable Development Practices: Utilizing recyclable and PCR materials to minimize waste and carbon emissions through recycling.
5. Design of the Warehouse Management System(WMS): We integrated the WMS system and our smart shopping trolley to enable customers to view inventory levels on the trolley's interface.

RESET-GO Self-Braking Smart Shopping Trolley
RESET-GO Self-Braking Smart Shopping Trolley
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