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The Mortal and All the Matters 善終無代誌


Design for Care Award


SüRüM Bookstore

Designers / Creators / Authors / Leaders

Wan-Ting Hsieh

The Mortal and All the Matters 善終無代誌

The reality of human finitude (ie, mortal time) is that vulnerability brings to light, plumbing it as a resource for hope in the human condition rather than as a problem to solve.

This project aims to advocate “civic palliative care”, the moral duty and a social necessity to demonstrate solidarity with the dying by standing up beside, for, and with those living through mortal time.

First, we developed a product called "終意書(the final wish book) with ”無代誌(peace and safe)” poster cards put inside. A trained medical professional or volunteer will guide the participants to think about the priorities in their life about financial, psychospiritual, relational and healthcare arrangements.

Second, activities, speech and mutual support problem for bereaved were implemented in the community.

Finally, our enterprise keep in line with global project of TEDx, death over dinner, death cafe and death festival. In a word, living well until end is the base of a common good society which caring all equity issues.

1. Keep in line with the central organizing framework of the World Health Organization’s Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion: Health promotion is concerned with health across the life span but despite this has paid little attention to health at the end of life. Creator of this project is an experienced palliative care physician with LLM degree and participate in crucial policy of Taiwan ministry of health and welfare.

2. Implementation of asset-based community development theory.

3. SüRüM Bookstore which born as a social enterprise, not a medical or long-term care facility, takes a different path in Taiwan to promote life and death literacy.

4. Echoing the worldwide movement to empower communities to support their members to care for each other at the end of life (EoL), which has emerged since Kellehear published the Compassionate City Charter.

The Mortal and All the Matters 善終無代誌
The Mortal and All the Matters 善終無代誌
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