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Vinyl Record Cleaner VAC Pro




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Vinyl Record Cleaner VAC Pro

Introducing an inventive new concept to vinyl record sound quality. Hifi sound quality from vinyl record has long been popular among audio enthusiasts. Sales of vinyl LP albums have been increasing steadily over the past two decades and even new recordings are being made available on vinyl as well as through streaming. Many prefer the sound quality of vinyl records instead of digital music.

One of the drawbacks of vinyl albums is that they can collect dust particles which tend to reduce the pick-up quality of the sound. Using state-of-the-art technology, Procare International have launched this new record cleaner which combines non-touch vacuum cleaning of the record as well as carbon brush cleansing.

The process is completely automatic as the record revolves on the turntable for the prerequisite time - from a single switch.

Vinyl Record Cleaner VAC Pro
Vinyl Record Cleaner VAC Pro
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