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Warmie - Wearable Hot Compress Accessories




Wu, Pei-Ying

Designers / Creators / Authors / Leaders

Wu, Pei-Ying; Department of Industrial Design, Shih Chien University, Taiwan

Warmie - Wearable Hot Compress Accessories

Modern people are under much pressure and tend to tighten their muscles, resulting in poor blood circulation. Common symptoms in sedentary offices and women are usually related to fatigue, pain, and poor circulation.

TCM practitioners recommend promoting circulation through hot compresses. Warmie can be worn as an accessory, and uses Far Infrared Textiles, combining acupressure massage with heat application to improve blood circulation and relaxation. Relieves female physiological discomfort.

Ren, Du, and Chong in Chinese Medicine are related to women's qi, blood, and physiology, so key points are selected from these three meridians.

Hot compresses promote circulation, metabolism, strengthen the ability of muscle contraction, and expand tissue vascularity to maintain a healthy body. Through the cooperation of meridians and acupuncture points, make heat and acupressure interact with each other.

Warmie - Wearable Hot Compress Accessories
Warmie - Wearable Hot Compress Accessories
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