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PRO DECT System - PRO DECT 800

DECT phones are used mainly within large companies, hospitals, cruise ships and the like. Unlike mobile phones, DECT telephones are defined to be used within a certain location. Traditionally, the design of PRO DECT 800 and the similar VOIP handsets has really been unimaginative and boring. The PRO DECT 800 project changes all that. The new phones are a crossover hybrid between the best of DECT and the best of smart phones. Battery advanced allow the handsets to slim down and to fit better into pockets and grips. Additional features such as cameras and barcode readers expand the use of these handset to a significant degree.

Asia Pacific Fuel Cell Technology – APFCT Hydrogen Scooter

Not all electric vehicles can be charged using current from wind or solar power. In many countries, fossil fuels are still used for power generation. So one of the ideal zero CO2 solutions is an electric scooter that generates its own power. Hydrogen fuel cells solve that problem.

The APFCT Hydrogen Scooter is an ultra-quiet, fast, non-polluting urban vehicle that doesn't take forever to recharge. No large heavy batteries needed so the vehicle is relatively light in weight. This is a legacy project that has been at the forefront of this technology since it was first introduced. At the time, in 2010 the market wasn't right. It is now. The scooter runs on an electric motor powered by 2 low-pressure hydrogen fuel cells. These power cells were easy to change. It takes a minute or so to tank up the scooter to full power. It is a thrill to enjoy buzzing around the streets with a frightening amount of silent acceleration.

Hussain Adel - CLOU by Reload World

CLOU is the smart charger that increases the lifetime of your phone battery and really supports global sustainability and environment. CLOU’s green charging system is a brand-new technology that extends the life of your smart phone battery and recharges it at the right time. The CLOU smart charger helps you keep your phone charged between 20% - 80%, making it last a lot longer. Whenever a battery is at too low a level or is recharging over 80% the ion degrading is rapid. CLOU solves that. CLOU is made of sustainable materials sourced in Denmark. It contains original components, and the world’s smallest and most powerful battery from Panasonic. The development, design and engineering are all done in Denmark. The electronics and software developed by Danish engineers. The materials are all sourced locally and are of the finest quality. The manufacturing is done both by robots and by hand by skilled craftsmen, all in Denmark.

GDA Awards

The essence of the modern world is the ability to get about, to be mobile. At the same time, this feature of our lifestyles is a huge factor in the fact that we are polluting our neighbourhood, our cities, and our planet. Transport and mobility embrace both the ideal of our societies and also what is wrong with the way we live. Fortunately, the new innovations and development in electrical vehicles and digital communication are fast becoming the saviours of the dilemma. The take up of cool electric scooters and electric cars is partly because their designs are so hot and their performance so expressive. And the uses of smart phones allows a linked solution. The GDA AWARDS organisation is for the 21st century. The multiple challenges of today are often answered by talented forward-looking people. Unique thinkers and first movers. People who make solutions rather than those who consume passively. The GDA AWARDS are designed to give recognition to those individuals, designers and companies who actually care and strive to do something positive.

For a world where ideas can be exchanged instantly. GDA embraces both the UN's 17 World Goals and also the 2050 zero carbon targets. GDA is also about empowering the individual in using design for the good. And sharing those ideas. For a totally different climate and sustainable lifestyle.




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