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How do we measure creativity and originality? Who is to say what is important in our post-pandemic, zero carbon world?

The mission of GDA is to provide a platform for talented forward-looking people who are taking up the challenges of today. Unique thinkers and first-movers. People who make solutions rather than those who consume passively. The Global Direction Awards are designed to give recognition to YOU who actually cares and wants to do something positive.


Most international design awards are from the last century. They reflect a bye-gone age. GDA is different. GDA is for the 21st century. For a totally different climate and sustainable lifestyle. 

For a world where ideas can be exchanged instantly. GDA embraces both the UN's 17 World Goals and also the 2050 zero carbon targets. GDA is also about empowering the individual in using design for the good. And sharing those ideas.

The world around us is changing fast. The climate is changing our surroundings and weather. Climate policies are changing our behaviour and lifestyles. Zero carbon goals are changing our technology rapidly. 

The pandemic has changed our attitudes and our ways of life. The pandemic has also demonstrated that we can adapt and alter our societies much faster than we thought possible. 

Many more people globally are reaching out of the grip of poverty. In many countries the populations are shrinking quickly. The balance of generations is in flux and people are living longer, which in turn brings in differences in culture.

All of these things are brought together in the Global Direction Awards. The Awards are designed to give recognition to people who actually make a difference.



the benefits


why you should apply

Whether you represent a large corporation, a startup, or a design house, the challenge of gaining public recognition for your product or work remains the same. An international award can help you overcome this challenge and gain the attention and credibility you deserve. The GDA award scheme offers several valuable benefits:

  1. Use of GDA Logo: Winners are granted the right to display the prestigious GDA logo on their product packaging, social media, and in the press. This logo serves as a mark of excellence and can enhance your product's reputation.

  2. Announcement and Promotion: GDA actively promotes and announces the award winners in the press, media, and through search engine optimization (SEO). This exposure can significantly boost your project's visibility and reach a broader audience.

  3. Certificates: Winners receive certificates, which can be a significant addition to your CV or professional portfolio, highlighting your achievement and expertise.

  4. GDA Year Book: The GDA Year Book is published annually and includes information about the award winners. As a GDA award winner, you are eligible to participate at lower rates, providing an opportunity to showcase your work in a professionally produced publication.

  5. GDA Winner's Trophies: The GDA Winner's Trophies are designed by an international design master and feature crystal glass with a laser-embossed logo. Winners have the option to purchase these trophies at a reasonable cost, adding a tangible symbol of their achievement.

By participating in the GDA Awards, you can create a memorable moment in your career and gain recognition and exposure for your outstanding work and products.

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