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Design Thinking and Design AI are the perfect mix

Like all powerful technologies, Design AI can be double-edged sword with really sharp cutting-edges. While new designs can be generated in a split second, the process can also be worryingly de-humanising. However we have found that for problem-solving and innovation, the cocktail mix of DESIGN THINKING and DESIGN AI becomes a powerfully positive force. The reasons are actually very logical.

At its core, Design Thinking is a method of organising our thoughts that focusses on people. Design Thinking prioritizes empathy, ideation, prototyping, and testing with real people in order to tackle complex problems. It encourages a deep understanding of user needs and desires, guiding designers to create solutions that resonate with the end-users on an emotional level as well as the functional aspect.

On the other hand, generative design AI works with abstract algorithms to autonomously generate numerous design alternatives based on specified parameters and constraints. It revolutionizes the design process by rapidly exploring a vast design space. Sometimes, we see that Design AI can uncover novel solutions that may not have been obvious with traditional methods. But only sometimes. While generative design AI is great at generating a multitude of design possibilities, we find that it is the principles of Design Thinking that provide the necessary human touch to steer this process towards meaningful innovation. Without the human touch, design becomes meaningless. In addition, Design AI needs to be prompted by text and that prompting works really well when human factors are added.

So when we mix the creativity and empathy of Design Thinking in tandem with the computational power of generative design AI, we can unlock unprecedented opportunities to address complex challenges and create solutions that truly resonate with people's lives. We can make a huge positive difference to the way we live and work and thrive on this planet. That is why the GDA DESIGN THINKING Award is so important. Make sure you join us in making a difference by applying with your projects, your ideas and your work. We look forward to hearing from you. The award deadline is on the 20th of March 2024.



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