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Deeply inspiring winners of the GDA Innovative Product Award 2024

In a remarkable display of innovation and creativity, the winners of the GDA Innovative Product Award 2024 all hail from Taiwan, a beacon of innovation in Asia and a flourishing democracy. The fact that all three main winners originate from Taiwan should perhaps not come as a surprise, given the country's longstanding reputation for fostering technological advancement and pushing the boundaries of what's possible. Has Taiwan's innovative spirit, coupled with its commitment to democracy and progress played a pivotal role in shaping the outstanding achievements recognized by this prestigious award? Judge for yourself.

Thrombosis is a blood clot within our blood vessels that limits the flow of blood. Acute venous and arterial thromboses are the most common causes of death in developed countries. However, checking for a thrombosis is tricky and until now has been problematic, especially after repair surgery to veins and arteries. This special invention, the Non-invasive Blood Flow Velocity Detection System, helps doctors check blood flow early after surgery in a non-invasive way. Problems like blocked blood vessels, can be checked quickly and efficiently. The system is very accurate and doesn't need special training to use, making it easier for doctors and helping patients stay safe after their operations.

According to World Health Organization data, approximately 400,000 people worldwide die from fires each year, with 75% of these deaths being attributed to smoke and toxic gases. Therefore, the design team created the "O₂ self-save device". This device helps people breathe safely during fires by creating clean oxygen from chemicals. It also includes goggles, masks, lights, and alarms to reduce fire risks and improve survival chances. It's easy to use and aims to save lives by providing oxygen, visibility, and alerts to trapped individuals. The product consists of a mask, chemical tank, and airbag. When opened, the airbag inflates automatically for quick use. It has a seal to show if it's been used and glows in the dark for visibility. The mask protects the eyes from smoke, while lights help see the escape route. Reflective strips and alarms on the straps help rescuers find trapped people easily.

We all know the hassle involved in shopping at a busy supermarket. In recent years much has been done in the payments and ordering systems for customers. But there have been few improvements in the actual trolleys - until now. The winning design team from the National Taipei University of Business created a new kind of shopping cart called RESET-GO Self-Braking Smart Shopping Trolley to make shopping easier for everyone. It's designed to be fast, smart, and eco-friendly. The design aims to improve your shopping experience by making it more efficient, convenient, and environmentally conscious. The design team wanted to make shopping easier and more enjoyable , using smart technology for payments and suggestions and a much improved user interface. In addition, new sustainable materials were used in the design.



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