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AI isn't a dreaded bogeyman

The concept of AI is filling our media. Opinion and articles are a mixed bag of attitudes, a cocktail of pro's and con's. Often there are extreme warnings of artificial intelligence getting out of control with dire consequences. In contrast, AI is also seen as being necessary for advanced medicine, health care and industry. Like all new technologies, AI is also seen as a threat to established traditional jobs. All of it as probably relevant. GDA is excited to announce the opening of applications for the new and prestigious GDA Human-centred AI Award. At GDA Awards we have chosen to focus on the human centred aspects of AI. The GDA Human-Centred AI Award recognises innovations that put humanity first. In the realm of Artificial Intelligence, there exists a remarkable synergy between creativity and ethical responsibility. GDA's aim is to acclaim and give recognition to innovative solutions in AI as it relates to real people.

In this award we are looking for actual actions taken rather than just good intentions. For instance we are looking for projects or solutions in the following themes:

Generative Art Ethical Practices Transparency and Explainability Collaboration with Communities Long-Term Impact Independent Auditing

Although these themes might seem rather abstract to begin with, a little thought will show that there is a huge potential for awarding AI projects and initiatives that do make a difference. And if you are in doubt you can always ask your ChatGPT assistant.

The GDA Human-centred AI Award is definitely new thinking and we are really just as interested as you to see the applications. We are looking for groundbreaking initiatives that demonstrate how AI can be leveraged to benefit humanity, foster positive social impact, and address critical global challenges. Apply now. The deadline is the 20th June 2024.



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