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GDA Awards Website to Launch Winner's Store, Facilitating Display and Sale of Award-Winning Works

Dear GDA Awardees and Prospective Awardees,

We are thrilled to announce the upcoming launch of a brand-new feature on the GDA Awards website - the "Winner's Store"! This innovative platform will provide our exceptional winners with an outstanding opportunity to showcase their award-winning creations to a wider audience and even have the chance to sell them through the website. Here are some details about this exciting new feature:

1. Showcase and Sales Platform: The meticulously curated and designed Winner's Store will serve as a professional and unique showcase platform, presenting your award-winning works in the best light to audiences around the world.

2. Online Selling Opportunity: Your creations are not only meant for display, as we are also offering you an online selling avenue. Through the Winner's Store, you can easily offer your works for sale to interested buyers, without worrying about the complexities of the sales process. We provide a secure and convenient transaction platform.

3. Global Audience: The GDA Awards website attracts audiences from all corners of the globe, providing your works with the opportunity to be recognized and admired by an international audience. This is an excellent chance to take your creations onto the global stage.

4. Simple Setup: We will assist you in uploading your works, setting prices, and managing your store.

5. First-Year Listing Fee Waiver: During the inaugural year of operation, listing up to five award-winning works and their related pieces for sale will be free of charge. Only the basic international transaction fees will apply, with no additional fees from GDA Awards.

We are eagerly anticipating the inclusion of your works in the Winner's Store and hope this new feature will bring you additional opportunities and success. We are scheduled to go live in the near future, and you will receive further guidance and instructions at that time.

Should you have any questions or suggestions, please don't hesitate to contact us. Thank you for your ongoing support of GDA Awards. We look forward to jointly witnessing the launch of this exciting new feature!

Best regards,

The GDA Awards Team



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