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Natural Energy

"Wow! Cool," said my young nephew, using my binoculars for the first time. "That must be really high tech"

"Well no, not so new" I said "I didn't know you had just got this VR with 3D vision" he bubbled with excitement. "How do I switch it off?" "Uhmmm, you don't switch it off. It doesn't need batteries" I tried to explain in the patient way, that uncles tend to. "You're kidding me! Is it a new product from Apple?" he asked "No no, It's an old product that uses optics. Binoculars started properly in the 1800's and are based on telescopes that are from like way back in the 1600's".

The thought-provoking conversation made me realise that there are really many examples of devices, which we never think of, which are much deeper than just being apps in a smart phone. How delightful it is to use optics and to magnify vision through prisms. How many other tools and devices are there that are based on natural energy and natural phenomenon? The question is especially important today when we are striving for a sustainable planet and better CO2 solutions.

A great way to base the development of new products on principles of sustainability is to embrace the ideas of the strengths that lie in natural elements - light, heat, wind, water, earth. That is why the GDA NATURAL ENERGY AWARD is especially relevant for today. In a world dominated by batteries and electricity, the NATURAL ENERGY AWARD lets us celebrate the elegance of tools and gadgets fueled by natural energy. The award is hugely important because it unites the physical world with us as people, bringing us really into contact with our own humanity.

Hand tools connect us to craftsmanship, using our strength and skill to shape materials. These devices showcase the beauty and sustainability of natural energy, a testament to human ingenuity and a closer connection to our environment. Let's bring some new great tools and devices to the world's attention. Send in your applications now to the GDA NATURAL ENERGY AWARD. It is about time that we can show what human innovation can add to natural forces. Apply by the 20th of May



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