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An exceptional GDA Award winner

In general, GDA regularly receives many applications of a high standard. This time however the jury finds that one particular applicant has presented a project that is exceptional and of a very different caliber. We have decided to make a new type of award, where we designate the whole of GDA Design for Care to one single concept. An exclusive winner, so to speak.

Death and human mortality is still one of the greatest taboos across the globe. Dealing with death and sadness is a universal challenge. However, instead of seeing this as a problem, we can view it as a source of hope and understanding for the human condition. This is exactly what the "Mortal and All Matters" project deals with.

This project promotes the innovative idea of "civic palliative care" which is a moral duty and social necessity in showing solidarity with those nearing the end of life. This means standing beside, supporting, and being with those experiencing their final moments. In this way, the project embraces the person who may soon depart, with the family and society in a novel and very empathetic way.

First, Wan-Ting Hsieh of SüRüM Bookstore developed a product called "The Final Wish Book" that includes "Peace and Safety" poster cards. A trained medical professional or volunteer helps participants prioritize their financial, spiritual, family, social, and healthcare needs. In addition, the project implemented activities, speeches, and mutual support programs for the bereaved within the community. The level of grief and bereavement after death is often a mirror image of the love and care experienced before death.

Finally, the enterprise is in line with global initiatives such as TEDx, Death Over Dinner, Death Cafe, and Death Festival. In essence, living well until the end is the foundation of a just society that cares for all issues of well-being and trust. GDA congratulate "Mortal and All Matters" on this exciting and innovative project.



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