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GDA Green Sustainability Award: Driving the Transition to a Sustainable and Equitable World

Only a year ago, during the pandemic, you could be excused for thinking that the world was getting better at preparing for climate change and that we were making progress on getting green solutions started up and running. There was certainly a lot of evidence of that. Huge wind turbine parks were being turned on, and solar panels were beginning to be seen throughout the countryside. Wilding areas took over from forests. Cities were fast becoming environmentally conscious. The uptake of electric vehicles was way beyond expectation. Things seemed to be moving in the right greenish direction.

As the energy shortfall reaches the European area, oil is back on the map. Germany is opening up the old highly polluting brown-coal mines. Poland is reverting to coal. Gas is in short supply. Talk of green energy solutions has swiftly moved down the agenda. Yet the green energy solutions are still the best answer to both the climate crisis and also the question of energy independence for the EU - as well as other societies.

So let's bring GREEN back to the forefront.

The GDA Awards wants to be a part of this movement. A large part of the solution is that designers and creators can play an important role in keeping the impetus going. If you are working on a project that changes the way we implement sustainable solutions or make better use of power, please do send in an application. Let us hear from you and help spread the good GREEN Message.



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