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The wisdom of youth - kickstart ideas

The GDA Young Vision Awards want to hear from people who have that exciting capacity to think differently. To experiment alone or with others and to try new things. If you are the kind of person can step outside your own comfort zone then the GDA Young Vision Award is for you.

Young people have the advantage of being able to perceive the world through a different time scale from the older generations. The youthful response to any given situation is often wonderfully visionary and that kind of reasoning is what the GDA Young Vision Award is designed to acclaim. The world around us and indeed our planet is constantly changing, the products and solutions of yesterday often don't apply and new ideas are needed.

So if you are a fresh thinker in your field and you want to see progress and change for better in the world around us. If you want to join other young people who are taking risks and actually producing active solutions to our planet then apply now for the GDA Young Vision Award. Protesting about negative problems is only ok up to a point. If things are really going to change for the better than we need people who actively provide new fresh solutions. If we only wait for the older generations to come up with solutions, then we will only get more of the same. It is time for us in this generation to stand up and talk about the kind of solutions we want for our future. So apply now for the GDA Young Vision Award and start to do something great. The deadline is the 20th June. Go for it!!



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