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The youthful art of well-being

The younger generation often faces criticism for being perceived as self-centered and isolationist. However, the recent GDA YOUNG VISION Awards reveal a different story. The winners demonstrate a profound concern for addressing the problems of others and exhibit a visionary perspective on shaping a future society that is both caring and artistic. The outcomes of the GDA Young Vision award for 2023 are remarkably rejuvenating.

Modern individuals often experience heightened stress, leading to muscle tension and poor blood circulation. This is particularly common in sedentary office settings and among women, resulting in fatigue, discomfort, and circulation issues. WARMIE is one of the GDA YOUNG VISION Award 2023 winners that combats the stress of modern living. It is an accessory where the creator, Pei-Ying Wu from Taiwan has used Far Infrared Textiles, which combine acupressure massage with heat to enhance blood flow and relaxation, relieving female physiological discomfort. Hot compresses improve circulation, metabolism, muscle contraction, and tissue vascularity, promoting overall well-being by interacting with meridians and acupuncture points.

The GDA YOUNG VISION Award 2023 also goes to Chen-Wei Su. ALS, a debilitating neurological disorder, affects muscle function, leading to mobility loss, including basic functions like breathing. Traditional neck braces, often uncomfortable, prompt our innovative solution. In this really well deserved award, the designer, Chen-Wei Su, has used patient interviews and 3D scans to create custom braces, blending durability and flexibility through 3D printing and adding memory foam for comfort. The design goes beyond a mere product; it's a commitment to improving ALS patients' lives. The interesting aspect of the final form is that it reflects the actual bone structure and natural forms needed to support the ALS sufferer. When the aesthetics of a solution also match the function, it is a sign of a well-thought out product.

In complete contrast, the GDA YOUNG VISION Award 2023 salutes another visionary approach to media in the modern world. Emily Dupont was the prime mover in publishing the book "Beyond Lines". The concept is a crossover between digital social media and the tactility of the real world, in the form of a printed book. Even the format of the book is provoking in that it is under 15 x 15 cm. This innovative endeavour brings together the exquisite artistry of watercolour painting, life drawing, abstract expressionism, landscape studies, and the fusion of Eastern and Western artistic traditions, culminating in silk embroidery.

"Beyond Lines" is a creative journey that transcends boundaries, uniting diverse artistic skills and forms into a harmonious whole. At its core, the project celebrates the versatile medium of watercolour, allowing artists to explore the abstract, delve into landscapes, and engage in tonal exercises to evoke a multitude of emotions through colour. Life drawing, a fundamental artistic discipline, enhances the project's depth by capturing the human form in all its grace and vulnerability. GDA YOUNG VISION Award 2023 is a celebration of the visionary and also of the exuberance of youth. The winners this year have demonstrated great skill and understanding. Try next year for the GDA YOUNG VISION Award 2024.



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