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50 shades of green sustainability

The GDA Green Sustainability Awards for this year encompass a broad spectrum of aspects that are essential for understanding a comprehensive and effective sustainability policy. Just like a diverse spectrum of colours is necessary to create a complete and vivid picture, a variety of sustainability factors is required to build a successful and impactful sustainability policy. This year's GDA Awards strengthen that policy of sustainability and indicate a deliberate movement by many companies that aim to ensure the long-term ecological, social, and economic balance, that we need.

MetroART captures the essence of cities in captivating sculptures. Each city, from Amsterdam's canals to Manhattan's skyline, tells its unique story through these sculptures. The exclusive collection transforms city plans into dimensional artworks, embodying the city's character. Precision laser-cutting etches intricate city patterns onto steel, creating a mesmerizing interplay of form and translucency. Add enchantment to your space with MetroART's sculptural masterpieces.

Introducing Cutz Cute: redefining hair care with a sustainable twist. Our innovation sculpts trendy styles while championing the environment. No more electric motors or disposable batteries. Crafted for you, our ergonomic, lightweight masterpiece is powered by hand. Committed to reducing waste, Cutz Cute features recyclable materials and built-in reusability. What sets it apart? Advanced sustainable metallurgy and groundbreaking design for a flawless finish without extensive training.

CoPlant uses student community network effects to promote lifelong plant-rich diets. CMU students buy plant-centric bentos by student chefs, inspired by their backgrounds and locally sourced. This offers diverse, eco-friendly meals on campus. More participants strengthen the network effect, accelerating the plant-rich trend. Students can also become chefs after training, cooking international meals with locally sourced veggies. Student chefs' bentos are distributed via CMU dining's vending machines.

This book, Blue and Other Shapes 2 weaves sustainability into its narrative, encompassing human and aesthetic aspects of quality. Amid escalating climate concerns and pandemic impact, new norms and generations with evolving technologies promise fresh lifestyles and awareness. The book inspires this movement, exploring the human spirit through our built environment's essence. Solutions are subtly integrated, empowering readers to recognize and embrace them. BLUE and other shapes 2 innovatively uses images for a photographic debate on the built environment's future. An international, reader-friendly book, it avoids architectural jargon while addressing complex topics in understandable ways. Understanding issues paves the way to overcoming challenges. So join the movement that is working actively for a sustainable future. Apply to GDA for the GDA Green Sustainability Award for 2024. Be a part of the solution.


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