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Timed to perfection

There is a skill in getting your timing right. Timing is important in simple things like holding a conversation, or sitting in a meeting. There is also the question of timing when you are planning an event. Things can be arranged far too early and that is often worse than planning too late. Too early means that a lot of your intentions are out of context as well as being at the wrong time. The right time to apply for the GDA Product Design award is now and up to the 9th April!

Getting the timing right is a way of adding quality to your lifestyle. Some people are happy leaving things to the last moment. Others are the opposite and like to get things arranged as soon as possible. In rapidly changing situations, such as the corona pandemic, events and conditions were changing so quickly that it became difficult to plan much ahead - except planning, not to plan. There is a happy balance between the spontaneity and planning.

Whether you like to be spontaneous or whether you like to feel secure in good planning, you can always be sure that applying for the GDA Product Design award is the right thing to do.

9th of April at 09.00 on Universal Time.

Timed to perfection


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