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Taiwans groups win two of the three top places in the international GDA Design for Care Award

Two groups from Taiwan have scored really well in the latest GDA Design for Care Award. One group has developed a new aid for treating children with cancer. The other group inspire with a high-tech/low-tech communications tool that really works well across the generations.

Sometimes a simple device can have a huge impact. The Handguard Sweetheart is one such innovation. At its core is an innovative holder that securely holds intravenous drop tubes so that young children get the right medication in the most optimal way. The new multi-segment wristband replaces damaging sticking plaster and bandages that made children unruly. The security of the device also relieves the staff of constant vigilance.

From research into ergonomic use for children aged 0-18, the multi-segment wristband design helps to effectively lock the wrist and four knuckles, so that the wristband does not fall off during the child's movement of the wrist and fingers. The Taiwanese group is made up of Ya-Ting Yang, Yi-Hsin Elsa Hsu, Li-Chiao Chu, Kung-Pei Tang, Hsin-Lan Chu, Shu-Tai, Shen Hsiao and Ya-Chi Yang.

The other Taiwanese group to score the international GDA Design for Care Award goes to My Life Story Art Book. This project is excellent example of Design for Care and it clearly deserves its award. The concept is a multi platform idea which links the digital technology of today (and tomorrow) with the familiarity of the book. It presents a wonderful way of encouraging generations to communicate with the tech that they know best - to the benefit of all.

The book and its app are designed to bring people and families together and to record and enjoy their shared adventure through life. Through the journey where the chapters range from childhood, adolescence, adulthood to old age, drawing portraits of the elders, family trees, etc.

Carers such as medical and social workers have a better understanding of the points along the journey as recorded. The software carefully integrates dementia detection games into the fun, three-dimensional inputs. This helps many children, troubled teenagers and also the older generations. The co-create activity is designed to enhance emotional relationships across the generations. Congratulations to Ya-Ting Yang / Yi-Hsin Hsu / Ya-Chi Yang / Kung-Pei Tang / Shuo-Li Hsieh / Yin-Shu Yang / Jan-Show Chu.

The GDA AWARDS organisation is for the 21st century. The multiple challenges of today are often answered by talented forward-looking people. Unique thinkers and first movers. People who make solutions rather than those who consume passively. The GDA AWARDS are designed to give recognition to those individuals, designers and companies who actually care and strive to do something positive.

For a world where ideas can be exchanged instantly. GDA embraces both the UN's 17 World Goals and also the 2050 zero carbon targets. GDA is also about empowering the individual in using design for the good. And sharing those ideas. For a totally different climate and sustainable lifestyle.



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