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GDA Product Design Award 2022



LUTRA Loudspeaker system by

Little Otter Aps

Ultra thin panels that appear to float a few centimetres from the wall are so elegant that they conceal the audio power that they can produce.

The inventive new product is a complete rethink of what a loudspeaker should be. Creating a bridge between Danish design, art, and HiFi quality sound. It's plug-and-play with a no-nonsense solution. With LUTRA, the sound source is an elegant thin panel, mounted almost invisibly on your wall. And finished in exquisite wood veneer on a beautiful slightly curved surface. "The product allows you to focus on what matters in your life and gives you space by giving the surroundings a sense of simplicity and calmness." says Little Otter. The product distinguishes itself by its unique sound distribution (180 degrees dispersion angle). Making it absolutely perfect for background music and everyday listening. A sustainable and lasting solution that is easy to add new and future products.

VINYL RECORD CLEANER VAC PRO by Procare International

The VINYL RECORD CLEANER VAC PRO introduces an inventive new concept to vinyl record sound quality. Hifi sound quality from vinyl record has long been popular among audio enthusiasts. Sales of vinyl LP albums have been increasing steadily over the past two decades and even new recordings are being made available on vinyl as well as through streaming. Many prefer the sound quality of vinyl records instead of digital music. One of the drawbacks of vinyl albums is that they can collect dust particles which tend to reduce the pick-up quality of the sound. Using state-of-the-art technology, Procare International have launched this new record cleaner which combines non-touch vacuum cleaning of the record as well as carbon brush cleansing.

Japanese Glassware Revival by

Shoko Tamoto

The HARIO brand in Japan has long been the source of innovative glass production and experiments in form. The HARIO brand is world renowned for its superb products for coffee in the home and in the hospitality sector.

Bringing the development up to date, the designers in association with TG in Taipei have created a new interpretation of glassware that is significantly better suited to the needs and aspirations of society in the 21st century.

Coffee and tea need patience, timing and attention to temperature. All of these are integrated into the new line which indeed is a revival of the traditional Japanese stringency in design.

GDA Product Design Awards

The most expressive artistic culture of our age is industrial design. The design of our products that we use in our daily surroundings is the true expression of our lifestyles, morality and our culture. And when that design reaches its peak as in some smart phones, cars, trains and furniture then we can all see artifacts that will transcend the centuries on a par with the Impressionists and the classical composers of the past. Is that an exaggeration? At GREAT DESIGN AWARDS they don't think so. The designers and the companies which produce our physical environment have a huge responsibility to get things right. That needs recognition, because it is not an easy undertaking. The GDA AWARDS organisation is for the 21st century. The multiple challenges of today are often answered by talented forward-looking people. Unique thinkers and first movers. People who make solutions rather than those who consume passively. The GDA AWARDS are designed to give recognition to those individuals, designers and companies who actually care and strive to do something positive.

For a world where ideas can be exchanged instantly. GDA embraces both the UN's 17 World Goals and also the 2050 zero carbon targets. GDA is also about empowering the individual in using design for the good. And sharing those ideas. For a totally different climate and sustainable lifestyle.




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