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Remarkable new book on urban design wins the GDA Green Award

Remarkable new book on urban design wins the GDA Green Award

Normally a Green Award might go to a product or a project or even to an organisation. But a book? So what is so special about this winner? GDA has judged this publication to be very significant because it makes urban design understandable to everyone. How to design better cities!! Globally!

Creating Compact Cities

Most of the 8 billion of us on this planet are living in cities. That is not negative thing. Cities collect and concentrate people so that the countryside, deserts and mountains are freer places for the more natural world.

But in many places, cities have become major pollutants as well as being mentally soul destroying places. In fact if we are to actively solve our climate and sustainability challenges we need to be able to put our cities into better working order.

This new book, "Creating Compact Cities", helps us all to understand how to do this. It highlights what has worked well in the past, what is positive now and what we can do about the future. The main strength of the book is that it is written and created for the normal citizen and not at all for the expert.

Frederick Rickmann, award winning urban designer and city architect

The author, Frederick Rickmann is an award-winning urban designer, architect and designer based in Denmark.

The solution, according to Rickmann is that cities should be designed in a more compact way. With increased density and enhanced livability, details which increase security, well-being and privacy can be designed in. "Creating Compact Cities" illustrates how this can be achieved with examples from over 40 cities worldwide.

The climate crisis and the post-pandemic period have really thrown up many challenges to our populations the world over. Thoughtless city expansion and weak planning have made our cities into locomotives of pollution and mental ill health. "Creating Compact Cities" is a strong innovative guide on how we can begin to fix things. It is perhaps destined to be one of the most influential books about urban design to come from Scandinavia.

Frederick Rickmann:

GDA Awards

The GDA AWARDS organisation is for the 21st century. The multiple challenges of today are often answered by talented forward-looking people. Unique thinkers and first movers. People who make solutions rather than those who consume passively. The GDA AWARDS are designed to give recognition to those individuals, designers and companies who actually care and strive to do something positive.

For a world where ideas can be exchanged instantly. GDA embraces both the UN's 17 World Goals and also the 2050 zero carbon targets. GDA is also about empowering the individual in using design for the good. And sharing those ideas. For a totally different climate and sustainable lifestyle.



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