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The winners show great originality and an open-minded spirit to new UI



DECT handsets have, in the past, been developed in traditional ways with voice communication as the main medium and graphics as a secondary and tertiary method. The new advanced ProDECT changes all that. By extracting the best UI from mobile phone technology and combining that with the IT of DECT and VOIP, the results form a new way for staffs to communicate. The new UI is graphic and image based to a greater extent than voice messaging and this has added an exciting new dimension to this type of device. Also high resolution cameras are integrated in the new handsets. It is perhaps too early to speculate how this type of handset UI will progress in the future, but the indications are clear.


STEENSSEN has been one of the pioneering brands in high end hifi audio. The brand’s speciality is in sound systems for use with tv and computer screens. The STEENSSEN NEO XX is a quantum leap in both sound, sustainability and now also in user interface (UI).

After intensive customer research based on existing STEENSSEN products and how they are actually used by customers, the new UI breaks new ground. The STEENSSEN remote control which previously had won accolades for “keeping it simple” has been discarded completely. The control of the NEO XX is by the tactile golden control knobs, supported by discrete LED signals. The user experience from this new UI is both imaginative and innovative.

COIN AUDIO Streaming Centre UX

Streaming of high-quality sound has been challenging for end-high hifi enthusiasts for many years. Only within recent years has this been possible and yet the human interface has often lagged behind. In developing this high-end streaming centre, the design has focussed on the human tactile aspects of the interface as much as on the software. In this, many climate friendly and sustainable materials have been used to supplement the extreme simplicity of the physical design. Understanding the physical consciousness of human movement in the selection of tracks and control of levels has heightened the appreciation and the experience quality of the music.

1234DESIGN Platform

The world of design and innovation is one of the fastest changing professions. Clients and customers make new demands crossing all the previous frontiers of design. DNgroup is a multi-discipline design house that covers that wide range of creativity. In the past, the disciplines of industrial design, urban design, audio design and media design had all been represented through 4 different platforms. The new platform allows visitors to our website to find exactly what they are seeking in a straightforward way.

GDA Awards

The GDA AWARDS organisation is for the 21st century. The multiple challenges of today are often answered by talented forward-looking people. Unique thinkers and first movers. People who make solutions rather than those who consume passively. The GDA AWARDS are designed to give recognition to those individuals, designers and companies who actually care and strive to do something positive.

For a world where ideas can be exchanged instantly. GDA embraces both the UN's 17 World Goals and also the 2050 zero carbon targets. GDA is also about empowering the individual in using design for the good. And sharing those ideas. For a totally different climate and sustainable lifestyle.




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